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Ireko & Upholstery:
Passion, Price, & Possibilities

Let us share our passion for upholster with you!

Come in to Ireko to discover fabulous fabrics perfectly priced to match your vision — for one piece, or many; for one room, or every room in your home. If you missed our recent Upholstery Sale we still have many pieces of material magic on display — both in price and in possibilities.

Priced to Please

If you’ve been to Ireko before, you know what you’ll find in our showroom is many times higher quality than similar style upholstered furniture found in other home furnishings stores. But if you’ve yet to come in to our location in Montgomery Village, we want you to know that while Ireko puts things together tastefully, we are not unaffordable. For example, we worked with our suppliers on a specific lounge chair we carry and the upholstery pricing ranges from $800 to $6,000.

Upholstered Chair

Upholstery Possibilities

Our upholstery possibilities include many pieces for purchase from the Ireko retail floor or from our annex. From bar stools to lounge chairs to sofas our inventory of upholstered furniture includes many one-of-a-kind pieces created by our high-end vendors,* in fabrics and designs that are special and unique.

We can also create custom upholstered pieces that provide conceptual and creative ideas in ways that define design for the individual. Whether you want to customized decorative pillows, vintage finds, or upscale furnishings, you’ll love the custom upholstery possibilities we can create for you.

Why We Love Upholstery

At Ireko, our interior designers see beyond conventional furnishings to what can be created when a vision coalesces between designer and client. It is the moment we look for when we create designs and what motivates us in everything we do.

One area of interior design very close to our essence, however, has to be the choosing of upholstery. The right color, the perfect fabric, even the simplest style as applied to the least significant pillow or chair in a room can make a statement like no other piece. We specialize in the mingling of classic and modern concepts in home decor, lighting, furnishings — in every aspect of the interior designs we produce — but we know that, while those items add to the room’s style and grace, that room is where you and your family or friends will sit or dine or sleep. The feeling of comfort and romance the upholstery can convey makes the room yours. It’s as much a part of the style of a room’s design as any other aspect.

Our love affair with fabric means that over the years we have also curated a large selection of samples at our store. We welcome (and we recommend) you come in to Ireko to see and touch the materials we use — then take some samples home. We can’t stress enough the importance of taking samples home–a fabric you like in our store may not work as well or be as comfortable to sit upon if you were to use it to upholster a sofa but could work fabulously for dining chairs.

And samples work best for seeing how the various color will work in your home. You can view many sample fabric colors online on most manufacturers’ websites, but nothing compares to the true sense of colors you have at your disposal until you’ve seen and felt them in the physical fabric samples.

*Note: We carefully select our manufacturers for the fabrics they use. For example, we use manufacturers who work with only genuine leather for upholstering furniture, not bonded leather.