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Interior Design for Healdsburg

Interior designs by Ireko reflect the timeless sophistication and elegance that is possible, juxtaposing the antique with the contemporary to create wholly new, cosmopolitan yet classic, styling concepts.

Interior designers James Rascoe and Michael Webb have completed a variety of design projects throughout California, including the community of Healdsburg. Ireko was founded by Jim and Michael in downtown Santa Rosa in 1985.


Our reputation for creating the finest interior designs in Sonoma County has grown over the years and we are proud to offer the following services to our clients in Healdsburg:

  • Custom interior and exterior design
  • Architectural design and detailing
  • Space planning
  • Curation of the highest quality design brands
  • Custom furniture, lighting, home décor and accessories



Our clients in Healdsburg purchased their wine country home many years ago and have been in the process of remodeling ever since. We recently helped them with their biggest interior design challenge: retaining the open space quality of the home while creating a personalized and human scale that defines the unique space. We combined a mixture of textures, fabrics, furniture styles and unique home décor to provide a warm environment. See photos of this residential interior design project in Healdsburg and learn more about this remodeling project.

Healdsburg Home Remodeled Dining Room
Healdsburg Home Remodeled Dining Room


We invite you to visit our interior design, home décor and furniture store to explore a world of endless possibilities, and become part of our continually unfolding history of design in Healdsburg.

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