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Simple Tips for Decorating with Accessories

Interior Design with Home Decor

Consider the scale of each accessory

When it comes to decorating with accessories, the single most important thing to consider is the use of scale; meaning making strong statements with fewer items. In other words, in one’s grandparents house accessories meant a lot of little things that made collections.

In today’s home accessory world, the goal is to invest in a few strong statement pieces because that is what compliments furniture and gives it character. It’s the idea that the scale of accessories can add a sense of excitement and unexpected drama that furniture alone can not supply in a room.

Use style to make a unique design statement

The mixture of statement pieces with different periods and styles of accessories is also an important goal when choosing accessories for interiors. Certain accessories can provide contrast to the style of a room. Often times, visiting a salvage yard you can find great architectural elements from old buildings which brings you to the idea that the price of furniture can vary in cost, from a minimal expense to very expensive. You can furnish a room inexpensively with accessories and make a strong design statement.

Therefore, when it comes to giving a room a singular identity and character you want to invest in getting something unique that will make a great statement in the room. Quality over quantity is key. Fewer quality pieces have a bigger impact on design that many lower quality accessories.

Bronze deer

Rooms with contrast: use color wisely

If the majority of the furnishings are neutral, then the contrast of dark neutrals, bronze, brown and gray will create the sense of drama the room is going to need.

If you’re looking to use more color when accessorizing, be sure to use those colors sparingly and keep them within a certain pattern. For example, keep golds/reds together and blue/green/gray togethers. Fewer punches of color make a room more exciting than having color everywhere throughout the room.

It is always a good rule of thumb to remember that accessories look better over-scaled than under-scaled. When accessorizing, try to think larger versus smaller for a better result to the room.

White Silk Orchids

Express your individuality

Contrasting accessories in interiors makes a much more personal and exciting statement to a room. Ultimately, the use of accessories is what defines one’s personal space. In our current design world, there is a uniformity in our style. Accessories should be all about your personal preference and style and not always what’s currently popular or in demand.

Jaguar Statue

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