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Extend Outdoor Entertaining with Fire Bowls and Stylish Furnishings

One of the big perks of living in Northern California is the ability to enjoy the outdoors during the spring, summer and fall seasons—whether it’s exploring all the area has to offer or from the comfort and convenience of your own yard.

But just because the temperatures drop and winter weather creeps into the forecast doesn’t mean that you still can’t enjoy the outdoors and entertain in your home’s exterior space. One great accessory to help keep the party going outdoors when the weather gets cool is a fire bowl. Fire bowls are a particularly appealing option for California homeowners to avoid sparks from open fires which could ignite a wildfire.

Here’s a brief overview of this functional accessory.

Masonry Fire Table by Stone Yard, Inc.
Photo Credit: Stone Yard Masonry Fire Table

Outdoor Fire Bowls: The Basics

Fire bowls are decorative, portable outdoor heating accessories that are typically powered by either natural gas or propane. They’re also commonly referred to as “fire pots.” Fire bowls provide ample heat, but without the mess and maintenance required of a fire pit or natural outdoor fireplace. Those are two key benefits of fire bowls, we’ll get to more in the next section.

Benefits of Fire Bowls

Fire pits are messy and need to be maintained. Space heaters are unsightly and can take up excess space. That’s where fire bowls come in—they don’t make the mess that’s associated with fire pits, don’t require occasional reapplication of logs to keep burning and fit in naturally with the overall look of the exterior space. Here’s a look at some other benefits of fire bowls:

  • You control the heat: Because fire bowls are powered by gas or propane, users are able to control the flames—thereby controlling the ambiance and the amount of heat that is generated.
  • Stylish: Fire bowls can be designed to integrate into any exterior design. They also look modern and stylish.
  • Socialization: Fire bowls can serve as a focal point in any exterior setting, thereby encouraging interaction and socialization around the feature. Affordability: When it comes to a fire bowl versus an outdoor fireplace, the former is a much more affordable option.
  • Safe: You won’t have to worry about out of control blazes or embers flying from the bowl, as fire bowls are a controlled burn.
Gobi Fire Table by Stone Yard, Inc.
Photo Credit: Stone Yard Gobi Fire Table


One of the attractive things about fire bowls is that they’re available in so many different designs and varieties. This permits homeowners to match the fire bowl design to any overall look or theme of the backyard. Fire bowls can even be custom made.

Fire bowls are a popular accessory – and they’re expected to only grow more popular. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects’ 2018 Residential Landscape Architects Trends Survey, fire features were the most popular design element sought by homeowners.

It’s easy to see why fire bowls are becoming a more attractive feature, thanks to their stylish look, safety benefits, controlled heat and sleek design, among other offerings. And last but not least, they can help extend outdoor entertainment into the cool winter months, something that can definitely come in handy for California homeowners.


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Want to learn more about design? We invite you to explore the following resources, or visit our design and furniture store in Santa Rosa.

Stone Yard Lookbook
Lookbook from Stone Yard, Inc.


Design Resources

Want to learn more about design? We invite you to explore the following resources, or visit our design and furniture store in Santa Rosa.

Stone Yard LookbookStone Yard Lookbook
Photo Credit: Stone Yard

Originally published October 2018