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Chalk Hill Winery Embraces New Approach to Tasting Room Design

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When Chalk Hill Winery’s owner, Bill Foley, visited the Luna Vineyards tasting room redesigned by Ireko, he was impressed with the new approach Jim & Michael created.   Mr. Foley immediately contacted the interior designers to discuss designing Chalk Hill’s tasting room and wine cellar with that same approach.

Chalk Hill Winery Tasting Room

A New Wine Tasting Room Design Concept

What inspired this winery owner was the elegant, boutique-style atmosphere Ireko’s interior designers had created at Luna, which conceptually represented a design break from the typical arrangements found in most tasting rooms — that of the service-from-the-wine-bar approach.

Rather than designing the interior of the winery with the large bar as the focal point of the tasting room, which can create a sense of distance between patrons and the wine (with tastings of the latest releases served from behind a large bar), Jim & Michael created a room where the tasting revolves around the visitor.

The modern wine tasting room design incorporates a handsomely scaled bar, and an atmosphere of relaxed friendliness that gives visitors that same sense of intimacy they would feel when sharing wine in their own living room surrounded by friends or loved ones.

The new tasting room at Chalk Hill Winery has the feel of an upscale yet clubby lounge with many Ireko-inspired architectural details that provide dramatic effect — a motif that extends outdoors with tasting areas for reclining in comfort and style.

The redesigned indoor-outdoor experience for visitors to Chalk Hill Winery nevertheless explores the classic yet modern concepts that mark the signature style in Ireko interior and exterior designs.

The sense of the romantic that enjoying wine conjures has been restored to the wine tasting room.

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“The winery tasting room is an impressive structure that blends into the surroundings — and we’re certainly interested in its pleasures.”

– Mary Orlin, San Jose Mercury-News