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interior design - Healdsburg Wine Country Home

This home in the Sonoma Wine Country combines a mixture of textures, fabrics, furniture styles and unique home décor to provide a warm environment.

Wing chair and leather benches surround a coffee table in the open living room. Mirrored doors on a large cabinet sit opposite. An oriental rug complements the hardwood flooring. Art objects in an open display case act as a backdrop to the sofa.

In the dining room, an expanding table is set against the open wall display shelves. Antique horse bookends, porcelain jars and enameled boxes line the shelving.


Our clients in Healdsburg purchased their wine country home many years ago and have been in the process of remodeling ever since. They approached us to help them with their biggest interior design challenge: retaining the open space quality of the home while creating a personalized and human scale that defines the unique space.

The original design of the home was comprised of public rooms (kitchen, living, dining) that were all quite vast. There was an abundance of space that was over scaled, with the living room, dining room and kitchen initially divided into distinct living spaces.

We believe a great interior design begins with a thoroughly researched, functioning floor plan. Therefore, we closely examined each space to determine the best way to use it.

We included a series of European industrial bookcases to perfectly define the living room and dining room. The metal design and structure of the bookcases lends an open concept. Since they are structurally attractive in the round, it made for a perfect division of the two spaces.

Another space offers the feel of a public living room for entertaining rather than just a sitting area. We turned another area of the living room into a space for watching television or reading in a quiet, cozy setting. Creating smaller, functional spaces within the larger space creates intimacy within the overall room.

The home was a perfect venue for mixing antique European and antique Asian styles with upholstery that has a more transitional personality. Our design concept was to create a space that is original, benefiting from a variety of sources and styles.