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interior design - Sonoma Square Home

The combination of a classic New England “cottage” executed with true Neoclassical proportions and detailing immediately set apart this residence located on the square in Sonoma CA.Designed with remarkable attention to detail, and an inspired use of spacial elements, it was obvious from the beginning of this project that the unique character of the structure called for a high level of quality, both in design and materials.Designers including Mariette Himes Gomez, Paul Maitland smith, E.F. Chapman, Paul Ferrante to name a few, all contributed to lend a feeling of timeless authenticity to every detail of the décor.A hand wrought copy of an ancient Etruscan candle fixture hangs from the center of the two story master suite. A water gilt silver armillary illuminates a focal point dining table crafted of solid, aged walnut with chairs upholstered in fabric loomed in France from an original design dating from the 16th century.Detailing throughout reveals woven copper shaded candle stick lamps, antique Japanese tansu mixed with benches cast form originals excavated from Pompeii.In such a house the glory of art, design, and comfort reside, seamlessly.Read more about our design projects in Sonoma….